Vision Wishes


This man you see.
He wore a cap.
A roof that chooses youths aloof.
A hat with sight that knows the truth.
Future songs for now unsung.
Wind not mov­ing yet through lungs.
Con­nec­tion rid­den all fore­seen.
Vision of the love between.
The vision scribes intent is meant.
To locate hearts it rec­om­mends.
Surely some.
They would believe.
That he was meant to bind and weave.
But even the most.
Is hard to trust.
Hard to believe that love is for us.



For­give­ness dreams and means to walk.
Twisted thoughts and shat­tered talk.
Blue in blue and land­scape low.
Mov­ing slowly phony shows.
Reach­ing out by reach­ing in.
Remorse­ful chat­ter run­ning thin.
Amidst a pain of twenty knives.
Lives of two may still survive.



Injus­tice as a peo­ple all the greedy hands of evil.
Lethal are our lead­ers thiev­ing breath­ing off the needy.
Nation tri­an­gle and lack of focus tan­gled.
Top is gain­ing dis­tance. Even with resis­tance.
There seems to be per­sis­tence and insis­tence on lies.
Drones just wan­der aim­less a reli­gion of indifference.



I mean no dis­re­spect.
But the stream comes out my ears and it burns inside my chest.
Tongue con­fu­sion tied and a fire out behind.
Ridicu­lous­ness with per­sis­tent grip and ques­tions on the mind.
Yelling fever­ish to try and find the rea­sons why.
I mean no dis­re­spect.
But my switch is in effect.



He gained a brain con­tu­sion,
inter­pret­ing con­fu­sion.
Com­posed alone a sym­phony,
results: epiphany.
He looked in to see,
soular anti­his­t­a­mine.
Arose alone a con­clu­sion,
enlight­en­ment: seclusion.